Visia Skin Analysis in Guernsey
This state of the art equipment allows detailed information regarding the surface of your skin to be analysed. From this, we can evaluate and prescribe a course of treatments and home care products specific to your concern.

Visia Skin Analysis
45 mins | £65

Your Visia Skin Analysis costs £65 (which is redeemable against treatments over £100 purchased on the day).

So what can you do?

Let’s take premature skin ageing first. You’ll be relieved to know there’s a lot you can do … but as is the case with most epidemics it helps to start treatment early and to do that we really need to be able to look inside your skin and spot the symptoms of premature skin ageing years before they begin to show on the surface.

Our VISIA machine produces detailed images that provide us with the tools to tailor your skincare program to help you delay, and even reverse, some of the visible signs of ageing.

Can it be done? Can we really see  these early symptoms of ageing inside your skin?

Yes we can. In fact we can accurately predict what your skin will look like in up to 7 years time by using our Visia

Visia Complexion Analysis machine and patient
Our Visia Complexion Analysis will provide valuable insights into your skin condition that will help identify which treatments would be of benefit.

Complexion Analysis machine that produces incredibly detailed images. After your skin has been analysed we’ll know EXACTLY what we need to do, to help you delay and even reverse the visible signs of ageing. We’re so confident about our results, that we’re happy to give you a guarantee!

All this means YOU can be confident you’re going to enjoy skin that looks younger, fresher and healthier for much, much longer.

An in depth skin analysis is also an essential step in the treatment of unpleasant skin health conditions. We can use the same Visia Complexion Analysis technology to literally see right into your skin and identify the real cause of your particular problem.

Your Visia Skin Analysis costs £65 (which is redeemable against treatments over £100 purchased on the day).

By the way, if you stay with us and pay us the compliment of trusting us to look after your skin on a regular basis with one of our Skin Revision programmes we’ll track the progress of your treatments with monthly comparison photos for you to take away free of charge, so you have absolute proof that your skincare programme is working!

Once we know the cause, you have access to specialised treatments developed by the infamous Dr. Obagi that our practitioners are thoroughly trained in, and the magnificent Alumier MD luxury medical brand.

We’re confident you’ll experience superb results because your treatment programme will be unique to you. We’re sure you’ll understand why it’s not possible to give you a cost until we have done an analysis and know exactly what we need to do, but whatever the price turns out to be, the results you will get are guaranteed as long as you follow your post treatment home care programme.

Example of Visia Skin Complexion Analysis
Following your Visia Complexion Analysis we'll provide a detail image of your skin like this example.

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