The Secret To Healthy Eating (It’s not what you think!)

“Jo” stood with one hand protectively shielding her stomach.

“I used to be active,” she told me, “but during Coronavirus I was stuck at home all day.

“Every time I passed the fridge or the fruit bowl, I helped myself to something to eat… It was partially boredom and partially anxiety.

“Now my stomach is suddenly spilling over my jeans…”

My heart went out to Jo. She had reached a healthy weight several years ago and stuck to a healthy eating plan with enormous willpower.

Now, because of this year’s crazy circumstances, all her hard work was at risk…

She needed to backtrack fast. 

If her story resonates, you’re not alone.

The Coronavirus shut-down created perfect conditions for people to abandon their healthy eating and gain weight.

You probably stocked up on food as part of the panic buying at the beginning of the crisis…

And just like Jo, the temptation to fill up on comfort food and snacks during these long, stressful days may have been too much.

Add into that equation closed gyms…

And you get what’s being called the “Quarantine 15” or the “Corona Stone”.

Those are rather cute nicknames for the sudden appearance of love handles, a double chin or bingo wings.

Even at the best of times, it can be very stressful when your clothes suddenly start feeling tight, and don’t fit you right…

You just don’t feel like yourself any more, and every movement you make feels awkward.

You feel guilty because you over-indulged (even in the most difficult of circumstances)…

And you worry before facing your friends again.

But nowadays, there is an even more serious reason to be concerned. The science shows that people who are overweight are at additional risk from Coronavirus.

Getting back into shape and into healthy eating patterns has never been more urgent.

So let me tell you what I’ve always found helps…

A bit of success.

You are far more likely to stick with a healthy eating plan or to exercise regularly once you see some results.

Actually, losing a bit of weight, seeing your clothes fit better and feeling those love handles or tummy shrink is the best motivation to do more.

And you’d have the motivation you need to maintain those results.

It’s what we see again and again in “normal” times. Patients who really struggled to get rid of stubborn fat suddenly find the willpower to cook healthy meals and eat sensible portions, and even go for a run…

…Because for the first time in ages, they like what they see in the mirror – and want to keep it that way.

The easiest way to get the body shape you want quickly is with a body sculpting treatment.

We can help you lose significant fat in specific areas, like your love handles, abs, chin, thighs, arms or even back, giving you a sleek, sculpted silhouette…

…And the kick-start you need to get your health back on track.  

Depending on the kinds of results you want to see, how much time you have and your personal preferences, we have a few different body sculpting options that might suit you. They’re all very effective!

We use an outstanding technology called Vanquish Me. Vanquish uses radio frequency energy in an adjustable panel that hovers over the targeted area of unwanted fat. Radio frequency energy from the Vanquish device is specially tuned to target fat cells.

Imagine if you could IMMEDIATELY change your body shape…

…Getting rid of those new curves or bumps, rolling back the clock so that your wobbly tummy, or feeling your thighs slim back down to the way they used to be in January or February (before they started to rub together painfully)?

You’d feel so much better, wouldn’t you…

To discuss the changes you want to see and how body sculpting might work for you, get in touch with us today.

Just call us on 01481 720606 or hit ‘reply’ to this email to book your body sculpting consultation right now – It’s free, and can be done in person or virtually.

Warm regards,


All your clothes would fit again, just like they used to…

You’d be back on your healthy eating plan…

And you’d have one less thing to worry about, in case of a second Coronavirus wave later in the year.

The first step is to book a body sculpting consultation with me. Get in touch today to make it happen.

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