Rosacea Treatments in Guernsey
Let us help you control and possibly eradicate Rosacea for good! Our program of treatments, home care products and perhaps some changes in lifestyle should keep your Rosacea at bay.

So what can you do?

Unfortunately, there is no known ‘cure’ at the moment, but we can dramatically reduce and control the symptoms that you experience, so that they are barely noticeable, which will leave you feeling much more confident.

A combination of products and treatment can greatly reduce the signs of Rosacea and your practitioner will be able to recommend the right method for you.

 IPL Treatment
 ZO Skin Health & Medical
45 minutes  | £65

It all starts with the consultation where we can determine the possible cause of your Rosacea. Often it is a misuse of cosmetic products, our products are medical and contain highly active ingredients to reduce the inflammation and possible soreness that can accompany rosacea.

The fee is redeemable against treatments over £100 purchased on the day.

Lady having medical peel with AlumierMD products
Bespoke Advanced Peel
60mins   |   

Fabulous treatment that rebalances the ph of the skin.

 Reduces redness
 Kills bateria
 Dries out breakouts
 Resurfaces the top layer of skin

Your skin will go through a process of transformation which can take up to 5 days and you will experience some peeling. Don’t be frightened of this process it’s not painful and your skin will really thank you in the end.

Home care is just as important as clinic care. Your therapist will go through the appropriate products for your particular skin and we will do follow up reviews and provide photographs alongside our homecare plan. 

Client before and after photos