My #1 Skin Care Recommendation

“Bronwen, what is the most important skin care product I should use for my skin to look and feel great?”

It’s one of the questions clients ask me most often!

Everyone thinks i’m going to reveal a powerful face wash or moisturiser, which no one knows about but will keep your skin miraculously hydrated and fresh…

But whilst I do have great recommendations in both those categories, that’s not my answer.

The one skincare product I recommend above all others – and insist you use! – is…

… Our AlumierMD Broad Spectrum Sunscreen!

Now, I know what your probably thinking.

“Sunscreen, how boring!”

And it’s true that sunscreen might not be the sexiest skincare product. But when you realise how much damage the sun does to your skin, you’ll be reaching out to buy your supply!

Research shows that 80-90% of visible ageing is caused by the sun. That’s right! If your skin look solder than it should, the most likely cause is not the passing years… Or stress… Or lack of sleep…

… But too much exposure to the sun.

Your wrinkles and fine lines? One of the biggest reasons they appear is is that UV rays break down collagen and elastin, two proteins that keep your skin supple and smooth.

For the same reason, sun exposure can make your skin looser and thinner.

It also causes sun spots and pigmentation… spider veins, because the sun thins your superficial blood vessels… And of course it dries out your skin too.

Now, we can treat all this sun damage here at The Guernsey Skin & Beauty Centre.

… But sunscreen will help you prevent it happening in the first place.

In fact, and enormous proportion of of the skin issues we deal with at the clinic, could have been avoided or at the very least delayed by several years, with some sensible use of sunscreen.

So use sunscreen daily – not just during summer, but all year around.

Re-apply during the day. Most sunscreens tell you to top up after 2-3 hours for a reason! And use a good brand, not just anything you can purchase from your local drug store – like our AlumierMD Moisture Matte sunscreen which you can pick up next time you visit The Guernsey Skin & Beauty Centre.