Is ‘Balloon Syndrome’ Affecting Your Face?

It’s a few days after the party…

… And there are still balloons hanging everywhere in your living room.

But recently, they’ve started to deflate, and as their air slowly seeps out of them, they start to look sunken and misshapen…

Creases and puckers appear.

The balloons originally made everyone feel excited and energized, but now they just look… Sad.

You know whats even sadder?

What happened to those balloons are exactly what happens to our faces as we age. ..

Ok, so no air seeps out of them!

But think about it this way. When you’re young you have lots of fad pads under your skin, which makes your face look fully ‘inflated’. Your skin is plump, taunt and healthy.

As you grow older, the fat pads under your skin tend to shrink (and move) – so you have less fat under your skin.

Your skin starts to sink in…

First your eyes become a bit hollow, then your cheeks look a bit gaunt. Friends might secretly think you look a bit ill… you’ll certainly look more tired!

If you have any wrinkles or fine lines, they’ll be much for noticeable.

And your skin can start to sag as the structures supporting it underneath the surface disappear, giving you your first sign of jowls.

Finally, you might wonder where your cheek bones have gone!

It’s a lot like deflating a balloon, because when you lose volume, your skin caves inwards and becomes much looser.

It’s not a good look is it!?

Most people think their face looks better when it’s very slim. The truth is that you need a certain amount of “plump” for your face to look right!

So, what do you do if ‘Balloon Syndrome’ is affecting your face?

You need to re-inflate it!

You can’t do it naturally… but here at The Guernsey Skin & Beauty Centre, we can do it with dermal fillers.

In fact it’s one of the most common and popular procedures we do.

It involves injecting some natural substances under the surface of your skin, to fill your face back out again…

… Just like you might blow air back into a balloon.

We might treat your entire face, or individual areas like your cheeks, jawline, temples, eyes or even your lips.

Either way, the point isn’t to fill in individual lines, but to improve the shape of your face, so that it looks soft, healthy and youthful – just like it did a few years ago – with just the right amount of plump.

If you think you might need fillers, why not book a consultation with me, so we can look at your skin and discuss your goals.

Call us now on – 01481 720606

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It can sometimes be difficult to tell by yourself whether you need fillers, but tell-tale signs include:

  • looking gaunt and thinking your face doesn’t look its best, because it’s too thin
  • Having prominent, deep folds between your nose and mouth – this a key sign that the fat pads are disappearing under the surface of your skin
  • Your cheekbones are disappearing
  • You have prominent wrinkles or lines on your face. You might think it’s because of the natural aging process, but they can also be caused by a lack of fat under your skin!

Give us an email or call to discuss your skin with us.

It doesn’t take long to add some volume back into your face – we can do it in a single visit – and you’ll love just how much younger and softer you’ll look, after this simple tweak!

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