Oxygenetix is the only oxygen treatment, air permeable make-up on the market. It will make your patients look great while they are recovering. It promotes healing & keeps skin looking young and beautiful. It is safe for every skin type; including post procedural and sensitive skin. It soothes and promotes healing of skin and doesn’t irritate or cause break-outs.

“Oxygenetix is the finest product I have ever produced.
I am thrilled that my life-long goal of creating the perfect
post procedure foundation has now been realized”
Barry Knapp

OXYGENETIX can be used after:

• Laser Hair Removal
• Acne/Rosacea Treatments
• Facial Soft-Surgery Bruising
• Scar Revision
• Skin Resurfacing
• Injectables
• Eye Surgery
• Dermabrasion
• Chemical Peels

A Beautiful Foundation with all the Benefits

It so light it doesn’t feel like wearing typical makeup! Studies show it’s up to 13 times more transfer-resistant than other cosmetics! What does this mean? It means swim, dance, jog and workout – it won’t rub off ruining clothes! It won’t come off no matter how hot or humid it is outside. It’s water-resistant for up to 90 minutes of swimming. And celebrities love using it on photo shoots because it doesn’t turn into a melted mess under the hot lights.

It will stay on for hours… fresh throughout the afternoon… which means… there is no need to touch up all day! Thus, avoiding unnecessarily irritating skin through re-application. And the longer Breathable Foundation is worn, the more recovered, firm and plump the skin becomes!

You should also know this Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation:

• Non-Comedogenic
• Oil-Free
• Fragrance-Free
• Organically certified ingredients
• Contains SPF 25
• Not drying
• Hypoallergenic
• Non-irritating to sensitive skin


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