Medical Cryolipolysis – Fat Freezing

Lipoglaze – Fat Freezing

The Guernsey Skin & Beauty Centre are Lipoglaze Authorised Technicians. Lipoglaze is a non-invasive method of killing fat cells by freezing.  Fat cells are more sensitive to extreme cold than our normal cells.  Lipoglaze uses a vacuum head which creates a suction around your fatty area, freezing it down to a temperature which kills the fat cell whilst doing no harm to your normal cells. This is known as apoptosis (mechanical cell death) and means all you need to do is sit back, relax and chill (excuse the pun).

Surgery is often seen as the only answer, but we can give you an alternative that can be done in Guernsey. Cryotherapy is a non-invasive method of permanently killing fat cells (apoptosis) using heat. Treatment areas include:

• Upper and Lower Abdomen
• Hips (“Love Handles”)
• Inner and Outer Thighs
• Upper and Lower Back
• Upper Arms (“Bingo Wings”)
• Bums
• Front and Back of Thighs

The Procedure


We tailor our treatments to you so prices may vary.



30 minutes
Fee redeemable against treatment purchased on the day.

Small Head


1 area x 2 sessions

Medium Head


1 area x 2 sessions

Large Head


1 area x 2 sessions


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