Alkaline Wash Permanent Hair Removal

Does your unwanted body hair bother you?
Do you have fine downy hair not suitable for laser treatment?

Alkaline Wash

The DMK Alkaline Wash system is a treatment for all areas of the face and body, designed to reduce fine, downy hair.
This type of hair is not suitable to be treated with IPL Laser treatment because it has no colour for the laser to target making Alkaline Wash the perfect solution.

The treatment is completely pain-free, however in some cases the area can appear red and warm which is normal and will subside after a short period of time.

Alkaline wash brings the skin and hair to its farthest alkaline level on the PH scale thus dissolve dissolving all surface keratinised protein. When dissolving the hair and part of the underlying follicle it will also dissolving a layer of skin, hence the multiple uses of the Alkaline Wash for treating acne and acne scaring and pigmentation.



30 minutes
Fee redeemable against treatment purchased on the day.

Lip & Chin


Approximately 30 minutes x 6 sessions

Lower Face


Approximately 30 minutes x 6 sessions

Full Face


Approximately 60 minutes x 6 sessions


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