Acne/Acne Scarring

Acne & Scarring
Have you ever felt uncomfortable making eye contact with people because you think they are looking at your skin?
If you have, do not worry you are not alone.

If you have already explored skincare treatments with little or no success, then again, you are not alone. Most of our patients tell us they have already visited their local pharmacy or Doctor and tried various creams, lotions, potions and even prescription drugs, all of which have failed them and in some cases exacerbated them.

If this is you…… then we can guarantee you effective treatments and great results.

Hormonal fluctuations mean that more women suffer than men from adult on-set acne.

The exact cause of acne is hard to pinpoint, but internally hormones play a large part as well as the resulting build up of oil and sebum on the skin. A proliferation of skin cells on the top layer of skin help to block skin pores resulting in perfect conditions for the acne bacteria to multiply and form a painful pimple/pustule.

Scarring from the above, even if they are not picked or squeezed is common and leaves a red mark and often pitted hollow in the skin. This scarring is a tell-tale sign of an acne sufferer and will often be as hard to deal with as the acne itself.

So what can we do for you?

Our Visia Skin Analysis and in-depth consultation helps us to identify the true cause of your problem and deal with it at source, rather than just trying to deal with the symptoms.

Once your dermal practitioner understands more fully the underlying problem, they will explain to you everything about the treatment you need and teach you the daily routine that you will need to develop to maximise the results which you will experience.


The perfect program for you will come from a combination of the following treatments:

• DMK Enzyme Treatment
• DMK Alkaline Wash
• DMK Home Prescriptives
• ZO Stimulator Peel
• ZO Medical Products
• IPL Treatment
• Micro Needling / Dermapen

If you are suffering from severe acne, you may need to see Dr Shirin Lakhani our acne specialist who has trained along side Dr Obagi, for prescription grade products.

Doctor consultations are 30 minutes and there is a fee of £50.00.


Contact The Guernsey Skin & Beauty Centre team today if you have any questions.

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