Acne Treat & Control program

2 x Tebiskin Skin Care Kit + 8 Salicylic Acid (SA) / Pyruvic Acid (PA)/ Jessner (JR)Peels

This program/package is specifically designed for the treatment and control of patients with Acne. If you feel know that you suffer from Acne then this is the package for you.

ebiskin OSK

Targets acne with high strength Aknicare ingredients plus extra anti-inflammatory to use with clinical acne treatment for difficult acne. Apply after any Prep/cleansing/serum products as a cream to the face. Rub in, in small circular motions.

8 Salicylic Acid (SA) / Pyruvic Acid (PA)/ Jessner (JR)Peels

We will ascertain which of the above peels is the best product for your particular skin type.

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