About Us

Our promise to you is simple…

“Trust us to take care of you and we guarantee the world will notice how good you look. We will do this for you consistently, with professionalism and passion.”

We are a unique clinic in Guernsey using a combination of high end Aesthetic and Beauty treatments to improve one’s cosmetic appearance and self-confidence.

The Guernsey Skin & Beauty Centre hosts a strong team of skilled individuals with over 25 years experience between them. We also have Obagi skincare specialist Dr Daniel Sister with us every month to give essential medical advice and consultations as well as outstanding high end, Doctor performed treatments.

Having the confidence of a Harley Street trained team, combined with state of the art treatments and equipment, The Guernsey Skin & Beauty Centre is a place where you can enjoy London treatments without the hassle of having to leave the Island.

Here Are 5 Powerful Reasons why you should choose The Guernsey Skin & Beauty Centre:

1.   It’s Guernsey’s premier salon and you deserve the best.

2.   You’ll be choosing a group of people who are passionate about giving you the highest standard of dermal specialist treatments you can find in Guernsey.

3.   You’ll always enjoy an in-depth consultation before we do anything, so you can be confident you’re getting what you want.

4.   Our products are very carefully sourced and have plenty of clinical data behind them proving their efficiency.

5.   Finally our award winning team were acknowledged yet again by coming 1st in thebestof Most Loved Awards 2016 for the best beauty & aesthetics clinic nationally and in Guernsey.


Contact The Guernsey Skin & Beauty Centre team today if you have any questions.

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