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We understand that you don’t want the world to know that you have had something done, but you do want the world to notice how great you look! Trust us to take care of you and we guarantee the world will notice how good you look. We will do this for you consistently, with professionalism and passion.

Bronwen Dudley-Owen, Managing Director

Skin Analysis

Are you aware you could be damaging your skin without even realising it? Or are you living with skin health conditions like Rosacea, Acne, Pigmentation or Loose Skin, thinking there is nothing much that you can do?

Skin Tightening

Ageing and weight loss are primary causes of skin losing elasticity and tone. We expect skin texture and tone to change naturally over time. Sagging skin can be an unexpected consequence of sudden weight loss.

Fat reduction

Surgery is often seen as the only answer but we’ve got two none invasive methods of permanently killing fat cells (apoptosis), one uses heat and one uses freezing. If you have areas of fat we can help, book you consultation today!

Semi Permanent Make up

We can help define your facial features and allow you to look fabulous all the time without the daily need to apply make-up. For people who have undergone treatment that has resulted in hair loss this can help you find your confidence again.

Acne & Scarring

If you have already explored skincare treatments with little or no success, then again, you are not alone. Have you already visited your local pharmacy or Doctor and tried various creams, lotions, potions with no success? Look no further.

Hair Removal

Do you suffer from ingrowing hairs? Is your shaving rash painful and itchy? Does your unwanted body hair bother you? If you suffer from an excess of hair and you find the process of regular hair removal is too onerous or expensive, we can help you.


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